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Updated on Jun 2023

A typical Asian bride is what real Western American wife seekers seek. In turn, it is an Asian woman who could show all the love and femininity that is not inherent in everyone. Asian mail order brides carry all the feminine qualities that attract the attention of male bachelors from Western countries. In turn, Western men are eager to get to know women from Asian countries better. That is why they resort to marriage agencies or international dating sites. Don’t miss your opportunity to meet your future wife through online dating services! There you will find profiles of beautiful Asian females. Moreover, a family-oriented Asian girl is very active on your chosen dating service.

Top Asian Mail Order Brides Sites in 2023

Key Points to Start a Relationship With Asian Brides

In addition to Asian dating sites, international dating agencies offer Asian mail-order brides. Thanks to our dating experts, you can learn more about Asian mail order brides. Do not forget that to approach the Asian mail order bride; you must have a special intention. Your potential Asian bride will be happy to welcome you if you interest her in every possible way as a man. No wonder Asian wives are pretty obstinate, but this does not prevent them from being in family relationships with Western men.

mysterious Asian girl

We would like to present the Asian mail order bride who will tell you a little about herself. Perhaps this Asian girl will become your potential Asian mail order wife in the future:

  • Name of an Asian girl: Leila
  • Nationality of an Asian girl: Filippino
  • Age: 24
  • Occupation: Medical assistant
  • Place of work: Makati Medical Center
  • Language: Filipino
  • Interest: an Asian girl is interested in American men
  • Dating Goal: Meet a perfect partner from the US for family life
  • Dating Site Used: FilipinoCupid

Why Asian Mail Order Brides?

There are many reasons and characteristics why Asian mail order brides have entered the list of irresistible and sought-after women worldwide. Thus, you will find exactly the right Asian girl for stable relationships. Even Western women cannot compare with the beauty of women from the Asian region. Nevertheless, you can find out more deeply what is so attractive about Asian mail order brides:

  • Asian brides are very beautiful (just natural beauty expresses them more);
  • Asian ladies are good hostesses (just try Asian cuisines!); 
  • Asian mail order brides are good conversationalists; 
  • Asian mail order brides are not bad careerists (even male colleagues can compete with them); 
  • Asian mail order brides are very health-conscious; 
  • Asian mail order brides are excellent and caring mothers and very family-oriented;
  • Asian mail order brides are hot lovers and professional tempters;
  • They never follow fashion trends but have an attractive appearance.

Asian brides who tend to appreciate family values have such personality traits. This should be important for American men looking for serious relationships and clearly understanding what they want. It is not uncommon for American men to find their ideal women on mail order bride platforms and other trusted dating resources.

Our Asian woman named Leila shared with us:

“As a true Asian woman, I seek a faithful life partner to build serious relationships. I am quite family-oriented and expect the same from my future partner. I will find that dating site where a serious and stable man awaits me. One way or another, online dating is now the most convenient way to get to know your soulmate before a real meeting.”

erotic asian woman

Where to Find Asian Brides?

You can now find Asian brides by any means: whether it’s online dating or offline dating. It all depends on what type of relationship you are looking for with an Asian woman. You just need to clearly understand what you really want and expect from a partner.

Offline Dating with an Asian Woman 

By choosing any Asian region in different Asian countries, you can find your Asian woman there to meet her in real life. Among such cities in different countries of the Asian region can be noted: 

  • Manila; 
  • Shanghai; 
  • Beijing; 
  • Tokyo; 
  • Delhi. 

Single men from Western countries can also visit the States to meet Asian brides there while using dating sites: 

  • San Francisco; 
  • NY; 
  • Los Angeles; 
  • Chicago. 

By visiting these big cities, there is a great chance to meet an Asian woman ready for new acquaintances. It concerns only legitimate mail brides in different countries of Asia. You can find Asian brides without hesitation if you are focused on searching for your future wife.

Marriage Agencies Offering Asian Brides

Asian beauties can be found not only on Asian dating sites but also turn to marriage agencies to find men from other countries. Thus, Asian brides are quite selective when looking for a partner from other countries. They somehow even resemble American girls who are pretty principled in their choice. Plus, American girls are not so attractive to Western men from other countries. For example, Filipino ladies are always happy to make concessions and even resort to marriage agencies instead of online dating resources; they are ready to meet a man from another countries live.

Dating Sites With Asian Brides

Another way to meet Asian brides is to choose good quality dating sites. Moreover, such dating sites with Asian brides should be verified, not spam. Dating sites with Asian brides offer a premium membership and many other benefits for users from other countries. In addition to the communication tools on Asian bride dating sites, you can also find translator services, use a video call and thus save money if you do not want to pay for a premium account. Moreover, dating sites with Asian brides guarantee you will find life partners with similar outlooks.

Benefits of Using Dating Sites with Asian Brides

Now let’s look at the advantages of using dating platforms with Asian brides:

  • Convenience; 
  • Easy navigation; 
  • A quick search for a life partner; 
  • Convenient communication tools; 
  • Large user base to find girls from other Asian countries. 

Here’s what our Asian mail order bride Leila thinks about it: 

“I have become an active user of dating sites because online dating can now solve a lot. Thanks to the huge selection of profiles of foreign users from other countries, you can choose the person who impresses you the most.”

Top Asian Dating Platforms to Meet Asian Girlfriends

To your attention is a fresh selection of top dating sites available in Asia:

  • TrulyMatch is – a great dating site for finding an Asian girl; the site is available in many Asian countries; 
  • – great dating site available in many Asian countries to chat with an Asian girl for free; 
  • AsianBeautyOnline – a great dating website in Asia for meeting Asian girls; 
main page AsianBeautyOnline
  • LoverWhirl – the best option for finding the perfect Asian girl in your area and beyond;
main page
  • AsianFeels – great for finding Asian wives and just building a serious relationship with an Asian girl; 
main page AsianFeels
  • EliteSingles – an international dating site in Asia to build a relationship with a single Asian girl.

Tips on How to Attract Asian Beauties

There are some good tips on how to please Asian ladies: 

  • Be indulgent; 
  • Be polite; 
  • Find neat topics for conversation; 
  • Respect its culture; 
  • Get to know her as a person. 

These tips will help you quickly capture the heart of Asian beauty but do not forget that these ladies are also selective.

Top Asian Countries to Find an Asian Mail Order Wife

Being in a long search for an Asian woman, you can search for her in an extraordinary Asian country. Yet, each Asian region is mysterious and attractive in its way, and it is there that there is a great chance to meet in Asia, your Asian mail order wife. 

Asian Women From The Philippines 

Wherever your Asian woman is, the Philippines is a pretty good Asian region. It is there that beautiful Asian ladies with serious intentions live. You can get acquainted with the dating culture and family principles of your Asian woman if you want to have a family with her. 

Moreover, your Asian woman from the Philippines will never refuse you if she feels your support, care, and attention. In addition, you can now meet Asian women on specialized dating sites available in Asia. Every Asian woman from the Philippines is very interested in finding a foreign partner, so she is interested in international dating.

Asian Women From Cambodia

It’s time to consider other countries where your beloved Asian woman lives. Cambodia is a country where an attractive Asian lady can become your reliable family partner. Your local Asian woman is a great find as such a woman is hardworking and purposeful. 

An Asian lady from Cambodia knows how to be soft and assertive at the same time. Before marrying your potential Asian bride, check out the prenuptial agreement requirements. An Asian bride from Cambodia does not require much. Such a woman from Asia only wants to be a happy foreign wife!

Asian Women From China

Chinese women are irresistible family women, and among the number of Asian brides, you can find your spouse. Asian brides from China mean a lot if you would like to have a woman from the land of the rising sun. Asian brides looking for spouses, Asian dating sites have a place on your list today. Any Asian bride from China is quite charismatic but simultaneously restrained. An Asian wife from China can be a great family companion for life.

Asian Women From Japan

Asian girls from Japan may initially seem overpriced to you. Asian brides from Japan also prefer international dating services to make getting to know their future spouse easier. An Asian mail order bride from Japan is looking for a decent and open man. Asian brides from Japan are fully involved in family life

An Asian bride will not tolerate humiliation and abusers. Asian women from Japan look at men for quite a long time but choose only worthwhile ones, thanks to international dating services. Thus, Asian brides know how to be sincere and devoted wives. Just such an Asian wife will suit you!

Uncovering the Surprising Truths About Marrying Asian Brides

Here we provide some facts to which you can learn more about Asian brides. Your potential Asian girl can get by to your liking if you choose the right Asian bride.

  • Age of Asian brides getting married: the legal age of marriage for Asian brides has risen from 15 to 17-18 in South Asia and from 18 to 24 and over in East Asia. Examples of changes in the age of marriage for Nepal and Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and South Korea and regional results are given. There have been less dramatic changes in Southeast Asia, especially in the age group of 20-24 years among Asian women (from 30% to 74% of Asian brides).
  • The total fertility rate in Asia: You can meet Asian women by turning a blind eye to overall fertility rates. If you are ready to marry an Asian woman with a child, there is nothing problematic or shameful in this. Total fertility rates vary considerably across the Asia-Pacific region. Asian women had an average of 2.3 children in 2019, compared with 1.6 children for the OECD. 
  • On average, Asian women have four or more children indicating high fertility rates. The birth rate is lowest in Korea, Hong Kong, China (China), and Singapore, at about one child per Asian woman. Japan, Thailand, and Macau, China (China) also have a TFR below the OECD average.
  • Mean age of childbearing in Asia: Between 2015 and 2020, the median age of primiparous mothers among Asian women in South Korea was over 32, the highest in the Asia-Pacific region. By contrast, Bangladesh and Nepal have the lowest average age for Asian women at first birth.
  • The popularity of having a career first among Asian mail order women: The common assumption is that Asian ladies are doing well, are well represented in the job market in Asia, and are easily succeeding in their careers. This belief is reinforced by the fact that Asian women are highly visible on college campuses, workplaces, and government labs. Indeed, Asian women are generally considered overrepresented. 22% of doctoral recipients planning to work in the United States were of Oriental origin Asian women.
  • Divorce rate in Asia: Since 2005, the number of marriages and divorces among Asian women has increased in Asia-Pacific. The increase in the total marriage rate in Asia and the Pacific has been limited but has contributed to total marriage rates with Asian women in the region nearly 1.5 times the OECD average. 
  • The highest rates of rough marriages to Asian women are over nine marriages per 1,000 adults in Fiji, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan; they account for about four marriages to Asian women per 1,000 adults in Australia, Korea, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Challenges Associated With International Dating With an Asian Mail-Order Bride

Our Asian mail order bride named Leila, shared some of the challenges she faced during her international dating. 

“No matter how hard Western men try to please hot Asian ladies. From my own experience, I can say as an Asian bride that, it was difficult for me to communicate with a man who was not interested in my native culture and the peculiarities of Asian (Philippines) family values. Even though dating sites have translation services that could simplify my communication with a potential spouse (I don’t know English well), my interlocutor was not ready for this.”

Secret to Finding Your Perfect Match Among Single Asian Women

Finding a good Asian wife is a difficult task. But then, if you make the right choice among Asian girls, there will be a reward for life. Nothing is better in the world than a kind, good Asian wife! Now we will tell you to step by step how to meet and how find single Asian girls using Asian dating and marriage services: 

  • Find a suitable Asian dating service or agency with Asian singles; 
  • Create a profile on the Asian mail order bride website; 
  • Fill out an application to search for girls from Asian countries; 
  • Be vigilant when choosing an Asian mail order bride;
  • Chat only with verified Asian girls; 
  • Be active toward single Asian girls; 
  • Do not stop the dialogue with Asian girls; 
  • Don’t forget virtual and physical gifts for your Asian bride; 
  • Arrange a real meeting with an Asian bride.

Such recommendations will help you to be in sight with the most amazing Asian girls with whom you can build fabulous family relationships in the future.

What Kind of Men Does Asian Bride Choose?

Our Asian bride named Leila has already prepared information for you about what a man should be like who wants to meet Asian girls for marriage:

“Any Asian girl would like that her potential partner is not very harsh and rather attentive to her person. Like most Asian girls, I like it when a man is generous with expressing emotions and compliments. I think that Asian girls who are looking for partners for a serious relationship should not try so hard as their Asian beauty drives any man crazy.”

This is only a small part of the story befitting a true Asian bride. One way or another, in the circle of delightful Asian ladies, you gain a new experience.

What About the Price for Asian Ladies for Marriage?

You can buy an Asian bride, not literally, but thanks to marriage agencies and dating platforms. A bride from an Asian country most often uses a dating platform that offers all sorts of options for virtual (and then live) communication with an Asian woman online. By resorting only to a high-quality dating platform, you will be guaranteed to meet the most worthy Asian woman online. The average cost of mail order bride depends on the dating websites and services with Asian ladies you choose.



Dating site membership to get Asian mail order wives

from $13.75 per month (for online communication with Asian women)

Virtual & physical gifts for Asian ladies

from $70 to $500 and more for an Asian bride

Trip to an Asian bride

$500 – $3,500

Visa to visit an Asian girl

$30 for 30 days for an Asian bride

Wedding with an Asian bride

$5,000 for the ceremony & celebration with an Asian bride

Experience True Love With the Help of Our Asian Bride Matchmaking Services

Asian mail order wives are not for everyone! Nevertheless, foreign men shared their dating experiences with us. There is a significant difference between Oriental ladies and American women. In turn, Asian mail order wives somehow attract to their femininity and ability to be open with foreign men. Now we get the opinion of men who have had experience with Asian mail order wives and those who use dating websites to find Asian brides:

“According to my travel on dating websites, it is quite possible to find a suitable Asian bride. The search was not so long, but I managed to get through to the family Asian girl” – Roger, 25, TrulyMatch. 

“An Asian bride named Sabriye has become integral to my life. Thanks to the EastMeetEast dating site, I found pretty Oriental mail order brides but chose one of the best. Now my Asian wife named Sabriye loves me much, and we have been officially married for several years.” – David, 31, EastmMeetEast. 

“Even after breaking up with my ex-Asian wife, LoveFort healed my soul. Thanks to this dating site, I was able to meet many Oriental brides and find myself a decent Asian wife.” — Michael, 24, LoveFort. 

Asian ladies are quite adorable if you have really serious plans for them. By choosing a decent Asian girl on TrulyAsian, I started a relationship with her that moved to a new level.” – Jozef, 27, TrulyAsian.

“Among the huge list of Oriental women, I chose the one who became my Asian wife. I had many options for Asian brides, but still, I settled on the only one. I chose the eHarmony website because I wanted a serious relationship.” Bernard, 25, eHarmony

Find the Love of Your Life Among Oriental Mail Order Brides

Before entering into a relationship with Asian ladies, you must familiarize yourself with some warnings and rules regarding a particular marriage service or dating site. Asian wives, in turn, are quite in demand for their foreign chosen one. But there are many which can mislead you about Asian women.

Legality & Safety

Always choose legal international dating websites in order not to stumble upon scammers and ill-wishers. There are several trusted Oriental brides dating sites on our list where you will find exactly what you are looking for. Most Asian countries ban the business industry with mail order Asian brides, but some do provide such an option. 

Avoid Scam 

By choosing only verified online resources with mail order Asian brides, you can avoid scammers. However, do not forget that a lot of things depend on you. In no case do not share personal information with Oriental mail order brides if you are not sure about your interlocutor. Most Oriental mail order brides may also be somewhat suspicious of potential interlocutors but do not stop the search for the ideal partner. Most Asian countries, such as China, Japan, and the Philippines, still try to keep scammers out of niche dating sites.

Human Trafficking

Often one could hear what human trafficking is. This has also become relevant for the mail order bride industry in Asia. According to some real facts and life stories, human trafficking in Asia is very common. However, our marriage experts try to give every Asian bride a word of caution. If you have come to meet brides from Asian countries, then become their protector in any situation! And you will see that no human trafficking will interfere with your new acquaintance with Asian ladies.


Many stories have been heard from Asian ladies about abuse. There is a need to constantly protect Asian wives. Our experts from trusted marriage agencies guarantee all Asian ladies are only worthy candidates for marriage, and serious wife-seekers can safely choose an Asian bride. No Asian bride would want to think about being abused. Oriental brides are gullible but, at the same time, treated with some caution. In the end, most Asian countries do not recognize abuse at all.

Summing Up

After reading this review, there is no question why Asian mail order brides are so desirable among foreigners. After all, they combine external and internal beauty. They love children who are educated, faithful, and wise. They have everything to become ideal wives; the main thing is that men correspond to them and appreciate them.